Underarm laser hair removal


Considerations For Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Thinking of underarm laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted underarm hair once and for all? There are certain facts about this procedure you should know about and the results you can expect. Before going ahead with underarm laser hair removal, spend a little time researching for the right doctors or clinics. When evaluating doctors, ask these questions:

  1. Is the doctor a cosmetic surgeon and licensed to practice in your state?

  2. Are licensed nurses on premises?

  3. How many years has the doctor been practicing?

  4. Can the doctor show before and after photos from persons who had the same procedure done?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has a surgeon locator for the public to use. Additionally, check with the American Academy of Dermatology to find out if your doctor has ties to their organization.

Permanent Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Be wary of doctors or practices that claim or guarantee permanent hair removal. The Food and Drug Administration has only approved several "permanent reduction" lasers, which produce long term stable reduction in hair growth.

Your doctor should meet with you to discuss the procedure and its effectiveness in your particular case. Underarm laser hair removal results vary with each individual. If you have light hair or very fine textured hair, or if you have dark skin tone, laser treatment may not be as effective as for those who have coarse dark hair or lighter skin.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal And Skin Condition

Some considerations have to be made known to your doctor before going for underarm laser hair removal. If you have any skin conditions or you are currently under medication, or if the area to be treated has moles, your doctor should make a full examination before carrying out the procedure. Those with tanned skin or even a sunless tan should wait till the tan has disappeared before going for laser hair removal.

At the time of the treatment, hair should be very short and the area should be clean and dry. Eye protection should be worn for the duration of the treatment. Sometimes a cooling gel or similar product will be applied to the area before beginning treatment. Most doctors will treat a small area then check for adverse side effects before continuing.

Underarm Laser Hair Removal After Effects

underarm-hair-removal-image6.jpgAfter the laser hair removal procedure has finished, a doctor may have you apply an aloe vera gel or other anti-inflammatory gel or cream to the area that was treated. Sometimes redness and slight swelling occurs after treatment, but it usually disappears. Pigmentation of skin can also be changed after the procedure. While this may take several months to return to normal, with most cases it does go back to its original color.

Most people will not suffer blisters, scarring or infection as a result of this procedure but if it does, contact your doctor as soon as you notice a problem. Each session should be given ample time for the skin to heal so that chances of these problems occurring are minimised for underarm laser hair removal.

Fast And Easy Underarm Hair Removal


Underarm Hair Removal The DIY Way

For underarm hair removal, the most common methods used are tweezing, shaving and depilation. Compared to electrolysis, waxing and laser, these methods are less costly, more convenient and easily done at home.

Although these methods only give temporary hair free skin, many people prefer these over procedures that require going to a beauty clinic or spa.

Underarm Hair Removal By Tweezing

Tweezing forcefully removes hair from its follicle and is painful, although the pain level is tolerable. Since the underarm is not a large area of hair, this method of underarm hair removal is still effective, giving a smooth hair free skin that lasts several days. A disadvantage is that hair has to grow out a little before it can be successfully gripped by tweezers and removed. Skin will be itchy during hair growth.

Underarm Hair Removal By Shaving

Shaving is another commonly used method. This is usually done during a shower when shaving cream and hot water is used with a manual razor. You can get smooth skin if hair is long enough to be shaved. If not properly done, you could end up with stubble. Again, skin will itch as hair grows out. Shaving has to be done almost daily as hair is only removed from the surface of skin.

Underarm Hair Removal By Depilation

Depilation is another method that removes hair above the skin. Popular depilatories include hair removal creams and gels. Some new products use technologies such as radio wave to kill or disable hair follicles.

Hair removal creams and gels are popular for underarm hair removal because compared to laser treatment, they are cheap and convenient to use. Hair can be removed quickly and are available in various forms such as rub-on lotions and roll-on gels.

nderarm-hair-removal-image2.jpgThese advantages seem to outweigh their disadvantages. Results are only temporary lasting no more than a few days. When hair starts growing, you have to live with stubble that itches until the hair is long enough to be removed again. You may have to use the cream or gel twice to remove all hair before washing off the residual.

Chemicals found in depilation products tend to be messy and have a strong smell. Those with sensitive skin can have adverse skin irritations such as redness or itchiness. It's best to try out such products on a small skin area before using it extensively for underarm hair removal.