The Cost Of Underarm Hair Removal


Underarm Hair Removal Options

Although underarm hair removal can be done easily and cheaply on your own by using hair removal creams and gels or simply by shaving, some would like a longer lasting result. With shaving and using hair removal creams, the process has to be repeated almost every other day if you want to maintain smooth hairless underarms.

Underarm hair removal procedures that produce long lasting results include electrolysis, waxing and laser hair removal. Costs vary as much as results.

Of these, waxing is the least costly but the procedure is painful. It involves spreading a layer of wax onto the area of hair to be removed. A piece of linen is then pressed onto the wax and quickly ripped off, literally pulling out the hairs.

The result is smooth hairless skin but for a tender area such as the underarms, the pain factor is considerably high. The procedure has to be repeated every month if you want to maintain the smooth, hairless look.

More Efficient Underarm Hair Removal Procedures

Underarm hair removal by electrolysis offers a longer lasting solution. But this procedure too, is painful and has to be repeated every few months, depending on how fast hair grows. Electrolysis involves inserting a needle into each hair follicle to send an electric current to disable hair growth.

If there is a large area of hair to cover, electrolysis is a rather tedious procedure to undergo. Plus it is fairly costly since multiple sessions are usually required.

Laser Underarm Hair Removal

underarm-hair-removal-image3,jpgLaser hair removal is a technique that is growing in popularity for underarm hair removal. It is a costly procedure but relatively painless. Large areas of hair can also be effectively removed in a short time compared to electrolysis. Again, multiple treatment may be required if hair starts to grow again.

Each procedure has its pros and cons, therefore you should consider carefully before choosing your preferred method of underarm hair removal.

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