Underarm Hair Removal Introduction


Underarm Hair Removal For Both Men And Women

Unsightly underarm hair should be removed for both aesthetic and hygiene reasons. Women are more likely to remove underarm hair compared to men but there is no reason why men should not pay as much attention to underarm hair when it comes to personal grooming.

Underarm Hair Removal Reduces Body Odor

Underarm hair starts growing around puberty and growth varies with each individual. Apart from being unsightly, underarm hair is also a source of odor. If a person is prone to sweating profusely, underarm hair traps bacteria and gives off a pungent body odor. This reason alone is compelling enough for underarm hair removal.

For men, it is the fitness males such as swimmers and bodybuilders who take the trouble to remove not just underarm hair, but also body hair. For swimmers, removing underarm and body hair not only gives a more appealing appearance, it also improves sporting performance by reducing air and water friction.

Underarm hair removal is quite common in the US but in some European countries such as France, it is not normally practised. Predominantly, it is women who remove their underarm hair, which is why most hair removal products such as razors, creams and gels are targeted at women.

Underarm Hair Removal Options

Clinics and spas too, target women. They provide a more pleasant way to have your underarm hair removed by someone instead of having to do it yourself. Shaving is one of the most common ways to do it yourself although it is difficult to get a very close shave. Hair stubble will also start showing within a day or two, making it necessary to shave almost daily.

underarm-hair-removal-image2.jpgAnother option is to use hair removal creams that are available over the counter. These creams break down hair bonds and when the cream is rinsed away, the hair is removed together with it. Those with sensitive skin may get skin irritation and redness from the ingredients in the depilatory underarm hair removal creams.

Other options such as waxing and electrolysis are available and these give longer lasting results but the process is painful. In the case of electrolysis, multiple treatments are necessary in this underarm hair removal procedure.

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