Choosing The Right Underarm Hair Removal Procedure


Which Method Of Underarm Hair Removal Is Right For You?

For underarm hair removal, there are several methods that can be successfully used since the area of hair to be removed is relatively small. So, the method of underarm hair removal you choose would depend on your pain threshold, the results you want and your budget.

The simplest method of underarm hair removal is to do it by yourself by tweezing. There is some pain and discomfort during tweezing but not intolerable. The hair root is forcefully pulled out without leaving ends and the skin would remain smooth for a few days depending on a person's hair growth rate.

Underarm Hair Removal By Waxing

If you choose waxing, this method is fast as it involves spreading a layer of liquid wax over the hair area, pressing a piece of linen on the wax and then ripping it off quickly, much like removing a plaster.

It is a painful treatment but skin is smooth and hairless. You will need to repeat this underarm hair removal treatment at least once a month to maintain the smooth, hairless skin.

Underarm Hair Removal By Electrolysis

Electrolysis used to be the only near permanent hair removal solution. It is a painful and slow process, not to mention that is also expensive and requires multiple sessions. No wonder a better and more effective treatment in the form of laser hair removal was developed.

Underarm Hair Removal By Laser

Laser hair removal is not cheap but compared to electrolysis, it is worth every penny. If you are considering using laser for underarm hair removal, there are some facts about this treatment that you should be aware of.

Laser hair removal works by targeting the darker area of skin which are the cells that contain melanin. These cells often grow near hair follicles that give them the dark color.

underarm-hair-removal-image4.jpgThe laser disables these dark cells by damaging the hair follicles and the result is negative hair growth. Laser hair removal is not only used for underarm hair removal. It is also effective for removing hair on other parts of the body such as around the lip and on the back.

For removing finer hairs, multiple sessions are necessary for a more complete underarm hair removal treatment.

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